Sid Gilreath’s

Fresh Raw Cider

A recipe most people can’t make at home

About this recipe

By Claudia Elliott

Of all the recipes in 1979’s The Original Tehachapi Apple Book, the one that most people can’t make at home is Sid Gilreath’s Fresh Unpasteurized Raw Cider.

Back in the day, Sid and his wife Lorene grew Red and Golden Delicious apples and cherries on their Highline Road property and produced more than 1200 gallons of this cider each year.

Paper Bag Apple Pie

Phil Smith’s intricate drawing of an apple press accompanied Sid Gilreath’s recipe in the 1979 edition of The Original Tehachapi Apple Book.

Paper Bag Apple Pie

Another of Phil Smith’s drawings from the 1979 edition.

Ingredients & instructions

Blend together:

  • 1 ton Golden Delicious apples
  • 1 ton Red Delicious apples
  • 1 ton tart apples (such as Winesap or Jonathan)

Chop and press with a hydraulic press. Strain through special straining cloth and let settle overnight in holding tank. Following day, bottle in glass gallon containers. Refrigerate in one large unit at 32-35 degrees to prevent fermenting. Drink hot or cold — it’s delicious.

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About Sid Gilreath

Sid Gilreath lived in Tehachapi in 1979 when he submitted this recipe to be published in The Original Tehachapi Apple Book. We would appreciate having additional information to include in his biography and perhaps a photo. CLICK HERE to share information.