The Original Tehachapi Apple Book

More about the 1979 first edition

Apples were a big attraction in Tehachapi, California, in 1979. Growers large and small sold directly to the consumer and many people made their way up to Tehachapi in the Fall to buy apples. Claudia Snow (now Claudia Elliott) worked at the Tehachapi News and came up with an idea to create a little apple cookbook that could be sold at the apple sheds and other locations as a keepsake and to help promote the apple farms. She invited Tehachapi residents to submit their favorite recipes, and many responded.

Her friend Judy Barras (Lee), author of three books and numerous newspaper articles, chronicled the history of apples in Tehachapi that was included in the book.

Another friend and fellow Tehachapi High School graduate, the multi-talented Philip A. Smith provided hand-drawn illustrations (yes, this is the same Phil Smith who has served as City Councilman of Tehachapi for many years, and also as the Mayor).

The original book was 56 pages and measured 4.25 by 5.5 inches with a red plastic binding. It was typeset at the Tehachapi News office (then located downtown on “F” Street), and the pages were collated on Roger and Margaret Skaggs’ pool table. Each little book was assembled by hand.